2,650 Silver Gelatin, Warm-toned Photographs, and a Polaroid (Type-55)


Analysis #2, Subject Response:

Feet tense as I push my weight through the length of my legs.  All the way through the length of my legs to the tips of my big toes, until I can feel myself grounded there.  I push with such force and I can feel the blood rushing through my feet and the space between my bare skin and the cold, cement floor begins to warm.  Pushing my weight downwards I stretch and pull my legs upward, lifting my spine as I feel the tops of my femurs roll into place at my pelvis.  Pelvis resting atop of my femurs I begin to roll one vertebrae on top of another as I pull myself upwards.  Stacking my spine as I pull my weight upwards I feel tension leaving the base of my feet.  My shoulders pull back as the top vertebrae stack and I feel my neck begin to roll upwards.  Rolling my neck upwards my shoulders roll back and down as my head stacks on top.  Eyes level I feel the pull of gravity against my shoulders as my weight pushes evenly against all sides of my 5’5 frame.  My arms begin to settle, muscles flex as my left hand wraps around the shutter release, flexing I feel the release…


I feel her leave as the flash bursts and fades. In that moment of darkness I exhale and HER is elsewhere.

I feel her; I felt her. Standing there I feel hair grow, I feel sweat bead across my forehead, I feel my hair grow frizzy, my skin flakes as pieces fall to the floor with the slightest movement. My Muscles tense, flex, relax, ache, and grow tired. I hear her knee pop when weight is slightly shifted. Finding an easier stance to hold the weight.  I feel the weight of my breasts pull the muscles around my shoulders and back; I feel the weight in my hips: a space of heaviness.  Legs interact with the form and the flex to support the structure.

I feel HER.